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Things that make me irrationally angry:

-Changing plans without my consent
-Purposefully excluding me from things
-Harmony shippers
-That fucking Easy A movie
-People who say “well u need allies you’d be nowhere without them”
-People that won’t read the books because “I saw the movie isn’t that enough??”
-men in general right now
-people in general
-life makes me angry

Ty Olsson in the second X-Men movie though.

This is a test yo onceandfuturecaitlin

Moffat made Clara a cross between Rose Tyler and Sarah Jane Smith with no personality/story of her own beyond saving the Doctor (and nothing beyond what the lovely and talented Jenna Louise Coleman put into the character) and he just expects us to go with it like we’re not noticing the borrowed lines and the similar haircuts and sketchy development. Moffat is the height of condescending and rude and mediocre, he cannot be surpassed, please fire him.


A nice primer on writing about yourself professionally. Let’s save the more personal items for when you’ve been presented with a book offer about your life.

You know your family is close to broken

My friends and I are about to watch the christmas special.

My friend is hiding in the bathroom, prolonging the inevitable. Here we go. Oh man.

caitlin moran, in light of her rude as hell and unprofessional bad thing she did today, has been struck from the record of Caitlins. she is no longer a Caitlin. thank you goodbye.

I read Look The Other Way by candle_beck on ao3 and wow decided to listen to my one and only wincest fix while disinfecting my toe (shut up) and making tea and wowo this is a mistake [crying into my earl grey while listening to Always Gold and Brother’s Blood] go read the fic if you dig wincest and don’t mind being ripped to shreds tonight